Morgenmusik Chamber Brass

Morgenmusik is a brass collective founded by Philip Swanson (trombone) and Richard Given (trumpet) to perform and record repertoire for chamber brass ensembles as well as brass in combination with other instruments. The name Morgenmusik Chamber Brass includes various duos, a trio, a quartet, a quintet, and a brass choir. They have performed throughout the Northeast in universities, concert halls, public schools, and churches. Drawing upon the wealth of talent in the Northeast, Morgenmusik features many of the regions’ finest musicians.


Morgenmusik Brass Trio

The Morgenmusik Brass Trio features Richard Given (trumpet), Kevin Owen (horn), and Philip Swanson (trombone). The group performs original Works and Transcriptions from the Medieval period up to the present day, and features each instrument in solo, duo, and trio settings.

Morgenmusik Brass Quartet

The Morgenmusik Quartet included Richard Given (trumpet), Micha Grandel (trumpet), Philip Swanson (trombone) and Gabriel Langfur (trombone). As in the trio, the group draws on the body of original works and transcriptions from the Medieval period to the present day.

Morgenmusik Brass Quintet and Brass Choir

Morgenmusik also performs as a quintet and as a brass choir. The quintet consists of the five musicians who perform in the trio and quartet, and the brass choir augments this ensemble with colleagues throughout the Northeast. They have performed with musicians from the New York Philharmonic in recital in New York City.

Morgenmusik with Organ

There is a great deal of repertoire written throughout the centuries for various combinations of brass with organ. In performances of these works the musicians are frequently joined by organist Barbara Bruns.


Morgenmusik was joined by trumpet virtuoso James Thompson, Professor of Trumpet at the Eastman School, and former principal trumpet of the Montreal Symphony (Orchestre symphonique de MontrĂ©al) and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in several concerts. This series of successful concerts encouraged the ensemble to record and release a CD showcasing this collaboration under the title “Music for Brass and Organ, Thompson Brass Ensemble with Barbara Bruns” (MS 1481).